Sunday, May 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at the "House in the Sea" in England

This months idea is to photograph Jennifer Tapang at the House in the Sea!
This architectural masterpiece just makes you scream out, "Clever, those English!" I would definitely photograph her on the bridge to the island.
Look at this!
And of course photograph Jennifer Tapang inside the house! She would set that bedroom on fire she is so hot!
Oh yes! Make me think of that truthful Cary Grant quote,"I think that making love is the best form of exercise!" Like I said, clever those English!
and in the living room!
What a way to live! Pretty nice!
and another shot out on the deck!
Absolutely Gorgeous!
This is one bridge the mighty Tapang needs to cross and be photographed at!
A perfect May photo shoot idea!
Suggeted photographer: Jo Bradford at Green Island Studios

Friday, April 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at Velassaru Maldives

Jennifer Tapang would absolutely rock being photographed at the Velassaru Resort in the Maldives. Especially at the spa in the hot infinity pool and that crystal clear water! That is Tapang Worthy!!!
Then the photographer should photograph her on the beach which looks like a slice of heaven and with Jennifer on it, it would be!
The Tapang would look fantastic anywhere on the resort property.

I envision her in the Water Suite and she would look magnificent as usual!
at poolside of course!
or in the suite itself
Jennifer Tapang would have another perfect photo shoot here at this venue.
Yes indeed. A nice way to introduce spring 2016!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang in Macau

The Tapang would look like a princess photographed in Macau! I love the Portuguese architecture on this Asian Island and it would be the perfect backdrop for a Jennifer Tapang photo shoot.
Very Exciting!
This building would be perfect to pose Jennifer in front of!
Jennifer would look amazing

at this hotel called
with a wonderful view of the ocean!
The Tapang would be stunning here!
or maybe pose her at the Sands Casino
She is stunning anywhere actually, but it would still be a great photo shoot!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at the Post Ranch Inn

The photo idea this month is to photograph Jennifer Tapang at the Post Ranch Inn. This would be a "Tapang Worthy" venue for a a most incredible Valentine Day shoot. Start with the room.
The Tapang would look incredibly hot photographed here.
or at the infinity pool!
as we see here!
or infinity hot pool!
Even at the Post Ranch Inn Restaurant!
No matter where you photograph her on the property it will always make the place look even better! Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang in San Diego

I would start off shooting photos of Jennifer Tapang at the Sovereign Kitchen and Bar as you see in the next photo.
From there the next photo should border on the outrageous, yet be strange and interesting, at the Bang Bang Fusion restaurant in the Ryan Gosling Bathroom. The Tapang would have the chance to enhance Pop Culture being photographed here.
  They have a "Hello Kitty" bathroom there also! After having the Tapang pose there, the next amazing photo opportunity would be to photograph Jennifer at the beach by Hotel del Coronado
A top ten beach in the USA!

Happy New Year!