Monday, December 1, 2014

Photograph Jennifer Tapang wearing Luna Sandals at Papakolea Green Sand Beach Hawaii

Jennifer Tapang would look fantastic modeling Luna Sandals at Papakolea Green Sand Beach in Hawaii. Jennifer has that perfect athletic physique that would make a Luna Sandal advertisement not only snap and crackle........but PoP!
Hell, I wanna buy a pair already after viewing these photos.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa

Jennifer Tapang Jennifer Tapang contact info would look absolutely phenomenal photographed at this Shangri La Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa in Singapore. This would be another perfect travelogue and would really make the resort shine. Jennifer's photos would light this place up and make it "the resort" to go to!
Jennifer would look fantastic photographed on the white sand beach in front of the hotel!
or in the luxury Sentosa Suite in the bedroom

The living room with the panoramic view of the ocean and resort
even in the luxurious and scenic bathing area
or down by the pool
Jennifer Tapang would really shine here!
Flawless, like a fine jewel!
A photo shoot of Jennifer Tapang at this magnificent resort on the beach in Singapore would be priceless and unforgettable!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at The Brando Hotel in Tahiti

The Brando, named after the famous actor, Marlon Brando who lived in Tahiti for twenty years is a very Tapang worthy resort. The Brando Resort  Jennifer Tapang would be the perfect model to do a photo shoot at this piece of heaven in the South Pacific.

I don't think any brochure, poster, or advertisement could trump how incredible the photos of Jennifer Tapang at The Brando Hotel would be for a marketing bonanza. This would simply be an incredible unification of perfection!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at Manresa Castle which inspired a new rap song

Jennifer Tapang has that look of royalty, of pure blood, like a Queen, or a Countess, a Princess, or a Goddess!

I read that the old haunted Manresa Castle was for sale in Port Townsend, Washington and thought how a photo shoot of Jennifer Tapang at Manresa Castle would be so fantastic!

The lobby looks so warm, regal, and nostalgic!

Jennifer would look fantastic photographed in the most famously haunted room which is #306!
This would excite the ghost who is pretty bored with the same old same old!
Swimsuit, Lingerie, it matters not, Jennifer looks great in all!

And now to finish this off with a Rap Song sung by the Ghost about Jennifer and how a photo shoot here with Jennifer would bring great blessings to the building.

The Jennifer Tapang Manresa Castle Rap

Jennifer Tapang is the one, she provides this ghost with lots of fun,
her body is toned, her skin is tanned,
her face is flawless, ask any man!

Her hair is black, like pure fine silk, her teeth are white like fresh whole milk,
Her body has curves, this ain't no jest, this Jennifer Tapang has perfect breasts!

Her stomach is flat, her arms are thin,
her lips are full and your mind just sins,
Now her legs are long, and walk with class,
they form at her hips to make a perfect ass!

People drink orange juice, astronauts drink Tang,
but the nutricious thoughts of the Manresa Ghost are strictly Jennifer Tapang!

My ghostly mind is in a mess,I think of that song,
a Long Tall Woman in a Black Dress.

This model Goddess, with the hourglass bod,
has got this ghost, like a cryin sod!
This photo shoot is a must,
before I can return in peace to the dust,

 I must be patient, I'll just have to wait,
 and dream of those photos,
 and mastur...master my studies!
(The End)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jennifer Tapang looks tremendously classy, sexy, and beautiful

No brag, just fact! Jennifer Tapang is a visual feast for the eye!