Saturday, October 1, 2016

Photographic idea featuring Jennifer Tapang at Menton Provence modeling Eres Swimwear

I think Jennifer Tapang would look amazing photographed on the beach at Menton Provence.
It would be very memorable!
Beautiful French Town
Great Architecture!
And the perfectly engineered Jennifer Tapang!
Posing here would be great!
A perfect combination!
I think so anyway!
I think Jennifer Tapang would make Eres 
Swimwear look more fashionable! That is the idea for this month.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang on Mauritius Island

Mauritius would be the perfect place to photograph Jennifer Tapang modeling Beachwear Mauritius! Behold!
That beautiful warm ice blue water and tropical paradise vibe would be in perfect harmony with the beautiful, Jennifer Tapang!
Tropical Paradise!
The Tapang would look spectacular on the beach here...
and spectacular photographed at Tamarind Falls!
Beautiful idea!
Jennifer would really knock their socks off just shopping around Port Louis.
Beautiful City!
See! A true Goddess! Suggested photographer:AB-Photography
A photo shoot of Jennifer Tapang on the island of Mauritius would be so perfect together!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang on Cocos Keeling Islands

A fantastic idea this month is to photograph, Jennifer Tapang, on the Cocos Keeling Islands near Australia.
Gorgeous Beach would look even better with Jennifer Tapang posing on it.
This video kind of gives an idea what the islands are like. Very tropical!
I think Jennifer Tapang, would look awesome photographed modeling Miskini Swimwear
Jennifer would look exceptional on this beautiful white sand beach!
Incredible photo opportunities!
It would make a beautiful photo shoot!
The colors would pop!
Suggested Photographer:Karen Willshaw Photography

Friday, July 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at the CSky Hotel in Santorini Greece

Jennifer Tapang, would look amazing photographed here at CSky Hotel
This would be a spectacular and Tapang worthy photo shoot!
What a view!
Talk about looking at infinity and physical perfection!
Greece would be enhanced by the presence of Jennifer Tapang!
This would be a legendary photo challenge and very memorable!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at Trisara Phuket Thailand

One incredible photo shoot would be Jennifer Tapang at Trisara Phuket Thailand ! This would be heavenly!
Each plunge infinity pool is secluded by foilage so it is an extremely private. You can't see the bungalow or infinity pool next to yours. Very exclusive and Tapang worthy venue!
Also has a stunning view of the Andaman Sea!
Great view from the bedroom!
Look how comfortable that would look in the photo shoot!
and smoking hot with Jennifer posing on it!
Perfect venue for the hottest Asian model!
Jennifer Tapang
Another perfect photographic idea featuring Jennifer Tapang and Trisara Phuket Resort! Suggested photographer: Adia

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at the "House in the Sea" in England

This months idea is to photograph Jennifer Tapang at the House in the Sea!
This architectural masterpiece just makes you scream out, "Clever, those English!" I would definitely photograph her on the bridge to the island.
Look at this!
And of course photograph Jennifer Tapang inside the house! She would set that bedroom on fire she is so hot!
Oh yes! Make me think of that truthful Cary Grant quote,"I think that making love is the best form of exercise!" Like I said, clever those English!
and in the living room!
What a way to live! Pretty nice!
and another shot out on the deck!
Absolutely Gorgeous!
This is one bridge the mighty Tapang needs to cross and be photographed at!
A perfect May photo shoot idea!
Suggeted photographer: Jo Bradford at Green Island Studios