Friday, May 1, 2015

Photograph Jennifer Tapang at the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool in Singapore

The perfect idea for May is to photograph Jennifer Tapang at the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool in Singapore. This would be an amazing shoot featuring the most beautiful Asian model in the world with the most beautiful infinity pool!
Look at that edifice from the ground...
and now the infinity pool on top!
The Tapang would light this up both day and night!
On the website for Marina Bay Sands they have a photo of David Beckham looking  for Posh when he should be looking for Tapang! Jennifer Tapang that is!
What a great photo shoot this would truly be.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Photograph Jennifer Tapang with the Ace Morgan Three Wheeled Cycle Car

Jennifer Tapang makes a motorcycle seem priceless and I know she could do the same for the Ace Morgan Cycle Car of Seattle
The Liberty Ace Morgan has nice props
And Jennifer does too!
Such a shapely craft!
I know the photo advertisement of the Ace Cycle Car of Seattle and Jennifer Tapang would be tremendously successful!
A perfect combination!
Both cause extreme acceleration and excitement!
Absolute Perfection together!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Photograph Jennifer Tapang on Buck Island in the Carribean

The amazing image of Jennifer Tapang in a bikini posing at the resort on Buck Island would probably cause airplanes  to accidentally crash because the pilot would be shaking with such excitement!
I don't know if Jennifer is religious, but seeing her posing in a bikini on Buck Island is an answer to every man's prayer! She could model Leather Bikini's at this venue and do a terrific job!
Just a shot at the infinity pool would be awesome. Think of the photos!
I would start with photos at the infinity pool
followed with photos on the beautiful white sand beach.
or in the bedroom

or walking to the beach
or lying on it
This photo shoot would really  look great at this venue and would certainly accentuate the property! The property is for sale Buck Island for sale and I think with Jennifer doing the modeling wearing Leather Bikini's for the sales brochure, that any rich guy with eye sight will see that the price is right!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jennifer Tapang Valentine Photo shoot Idea and Rapsody featuring Intrigue Chocolates


 I've searched the world,
For female persuasion,
Spied Jennifer Tapang,
The sexiest Asian.

A face so striking,
 Hair like silk,
 Teeth so white,
 Like fresh whole milk.

Now her body's perfection,
 With skin so tan,
That perfect cleavage,
 You feel like a man!

Those legs so long,
They walk with class,
 Than they meet at her hips
 To form a perfect ass!

 Now I'm talking Tapang,
She makes Cupid so busy,
 He says talk to my hand,
 Cuz,the other one's busy!

Jennifer's a muse,
 For my Photo scheme,
 Posing with Intrigue Chocolates,
 A Valentine Dream!

 Just think of the sales,
 For that Chocolate Bang,
 Consumers staring at ads,
 of Jennifer Tapang!

So the rap is finished,
 Nothing left to say,
 To Jennifer Tapang,
 Happy Valentines Day!
This concludes my Valentines Photo wish and idea for Feb 2015!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Photo Idea For Jennifer Tapang, the time is NAU

I was consuming an excellent Old El Paso Microwaveable Chicken Enchilada and washing it down with a Home Made Lime Ricky when it occurred to me that you don't see a lot of women wearing puffy down jackets. I guess they think it makes them look like they have put on weight. Well I think Jennifer Tapang could pull  off this hat trick and make a down jacket look sexy and attractive. Most men would be very happy to see Jennifer Tapang just pull off her clothes, but this is a different challenge.

Actually, I think Jennifer and her amazing body, could put some life into this NAU DOWN STOLE
 All you would need is for Jennifer to model this down stole and you have just achieved UNDENIABLE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that a Nau Down Stole, modeled by Jennifer Tapang, would make an epic visual memory of Biblical Proportions that would be sexy and attractive!
Even more evidence would be having Jennifer modeling the Iris colored version of the Allee Down Pullover!
Jennifer looks fantastic in coats or sitting on a motorcycle!
Now the next thing I needed for my idea was a location and after knocking back the remaining Lime Ricky I decided it would have to be the view from Kerry Park of the Seattle Skyline. Behold!
Jennifer has great form and creates a variety of looks that always please.
Jennifer is absolutely stunning!
Now is the time for Jennifer to pose wearing NAU! Suggested photographer is Ronin Photo and Design
P.S. Happy New Year 2015

Monday, December 1, 2014

Photograph Jennifer Tapang wearing Luna Sandals at Papakolea Green Sand Beach Hawaii

Jennifer Tapang would look fantastic modeling Luna Sandals at Papakolea Green Sand Beach in Hawaii. Jennifer has that perfect athletic physique that would make a Luna Sandal advertisement not only snap and crackle........but PoP!
Hell, I wanna buy a pair already after viewing these photos.